HydroBox ULTRA

HydroBox ULTRA

Code de produit : 80-80-11

The NEW Hydrosphere-Innovation Hydrobox Ultra is a RO/DI system switchable from RO to RO/DI in second. This system deliver up to 4 times more pure water than competition and up to 2 times the 2 x 30in. membranes system of the US competition. Can run up to 4 users 

Tiny but powerful, easy to carry. All needed gauge included.

  • Online TDS to track entrance and exit water TDS level,
  • Ultra High performance membrane
  • PSI Gauge
  • Retractable handle
  • Regular components, no proprietary products, easy to maintain
  • All components secure inside a strurdy box
  • Surpass USA waterfed systems at better price
  • Pictures available soon


1x 3 999,99$ CAD
3x 3 899,99$ CAD
6x 3 799,99$ CAD
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